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I don’t love casually. When I love, it’s fierce. It’s my soul ripped wide open and raw. It’s my whole heart on display. It’s all I have and everything I know, handed over to you, like a gift. And I hope you unwrap it gently. ♥ More gorgeous quotes on the LSI Facebook page!



Actually easier lol #Aries

Yes, I'm both, so I need that in others. I want someone who can be dominant when I'm feeling submissive and vise versa.

When Aries is silent, they are thinking, crying inside, irritated from waiting or all of the above.. I have never felt more like an aeries than I did after the self realization after reading this statement hit me!

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Exactly! I'm loyal to a fault. But once I recognize your disloyalty I'm done.

what's the point in being in it if you can't give 100% #ARIES

No one knows the pain I'm dealing with! I miss you so so much. Can't wait til we meet again. Doing the best I can on this earth for our daughters! I love uYou so much. Xoxo Denise

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So true


Or worry about me telling you that fugly sweater "looks cute on you"...js



Aries women dont have a wondering eye unless their partner does, otherwise they are faithful to the end in everything.  - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!

Be A Better Lover With These 31 #Cute #Relationship #Quotes

This has ruined relationships for me with people who can't understand that if you put me on a pedestal I will tear it down myself. Don't make me out to be something I'm not because even though I know I'm tougher on myself than you ever will be, I'm constantly worried about disappointing you.

She still believed in love or real and honest men who mean what they say and wouldn't allow any harm to come to me.