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Gay Talese Outlines His Famous 1966 Profile “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” on a Shirt Board

You simply post this up on the board and students must create a story using one phrase from each color. This is fun and challenging!

Six Word Memoir - Terrific project at the beginning of the year...a great way to "change up" get-to-know-you writing!

Pixar rules for storytelling

query letters

Journal Ideas

for the classroom

Famous writers' daily routines

Fun, contemporary back-to-school lesson! Have your students draw "selfies" and describe their summer via text message prompts. Makes for a great bulletin board display!!

Argument: Counterclaim sentence frames

Ernest Hemingway

The Best Part of Me writing prompt

Happy 100th birthday, Albert Camus! Complement this lovely poster of his best-known tenets by illustrator Marcela Restrepo with the story of...

Tad Carpenter

Resume Writing 101

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Even the most reluctant writers will get a kick out of this!!


Remember this. Remember how lucky you are.