DIY bracelet tutorial -- I don't make jewelry yet but it's on my list of 'to do's'.  I love this bracelet so it might be my inspiration to start!!! :)

Flying Home Bracelet (Customer Design) - Lima Beads. This piece has a bird's nest on it, which gives me an idea.

Leather bracelets

Leather and embroidery floss bracelet. A new way to do the bracelet like the one Caleb made me. THis is a good idea.

Liven up your arm party with these unique pieces! Easy to make, adorable to wear!

Simple Beaded Leather Wrap

Turn heads everywhere you go when you step out in the Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet. If you want to learn how to make a leather bracelet that's chic and versatile, you'll love this DIY wrap bracelet.


bracelets bangles: DIY Jewelry Making with Lace And Beads – Nbeads - diy, pink, white, black - Socialbliss

How to make bracelets Fiber, Leather, and Beads

“Life, Jewelry & Bracelet Making” - How to make bracelets Fiber, Leather, and Beads