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doberman smiling

doberman smiling, mine us to smile at me, she was awesome!

"Does this look... well... remotely familiar to anyone... other than me?! ...LOVE IT!" -LJ

Alarm clock dog - Yup, this is what my yellow Lab, Murphy says to me every Saturday and Sunday morning. He even seems to know when I'm on holiday.

Hunde mit Badeenten-Kostüm                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

i pulled out all the stuffing in my plush yellow duck toy, so my mama’s making me wear it as a costume for halloween. —-mooji, 4 months old. You need bigger stuffed animals so Panda can get her Halloween costumes ready for her fitting!

Treats please. The Doby smile

Nothing warms my heart more than a smiling Dobie.it seems the red ones do it

Panic attack!

If you ever met our dog doo doo you would know this was him lol

Heeheee.... Or even better.... When you introduce me to your dog sorry if I want to hang out with it more than.... Heehee.... :D

This reminds me of Miranda.but not the not socializing part, just the unhealthy level of attatchment to a dog haha

Dogs perspective

Dogs perspective

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