Rem Koolhaas Exhibition Poster by Kevin Leung - awesome poster design + packaging.

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fold / invitation


The Spirit of "RE" - New Gentle Paper Sample Kit by Sunny Wong, via Behance


Yay Festival 2012 by Snask , via Behance

I love the way they used the eye dropper tool to make the entire poster the same color as the skyline. At first glance, I like the poster. At second, I hate the font. At third, I love the font, because I appreciate the fact that they made the "O" and "G" mimic the circular photograph.

Bumi Parahyangan promotional poster and brochure by Rittsu, at Behance. Triangles don't seem to be popular shapes to use in graphic design, but Rittsu executes them well here. Notice the subtle arrows pointing right to persuade the viewer to read on...

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Pureza on Behance

Fiks is a magazine built in a unique, interactive style that integrates simple puzzles/activities with the fresh content that it drives. This makes for a more impactful delivery of information. It’s a nifty little publication, and that is where we find the name “fiks,” which is danish for “nifty.”

Nice fold on this poster

Japanese Poster: Graduation Exhibition. Shunsuke Sugiyama. 2008

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