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Sensory Homunculus. This is why montessori works.

motor and sensory homunculus

sensory homunculus. What a man's body would look like if each part grew in proportion to the area of the cortex concerned with its sensory perception.

Neurons of the human brain. Nature is the best artist...

Diffusion MRI of the Brain: The location of nerve fibers is inferred by tracking the movement of water molecules along them.

penguin "brainercise" brain activities for early childhood

This website is awesome! It lets you peel back layers of the body. Definitely a great study tool, and not just for the muskuloskeletal system.

Normal brain, coloured magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. Sagittal (side) view of a human head and neck, showing the brain and upper spinal cord

Prevalent in the major works of Leonardo Da Vinci and underlying many of his design compositions, is the phi relationship (also known as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean), a ratio of approximately 1:1.618, found in nature and creation, and inherent in the Fibonacci sequence. The Golden Rectangle, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Pyramid, all based on the Golden Ratio are all appear prominent in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. He referred to the Golden Ratio as the "divine proportion".