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    This 64-slide PowerPoint and activities on, “How to Write a Persuasive Essay for AP Spanish” include the following: ~The goal of the persuasive es… #Spanish Get updates for teaching and learning languages: http://eepurl.com/UewbL http://reallifelanguage.com/reallifelanguageblog/

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EL IMPERATIVO: Emperor's New Groove Clip - Use to introduce activity to practice affirmative and negative tú commands.

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The Verb IR (to go) - more than obnoxious, but helpful.

Kids race to collect all seven cards for a regular present tense verb (infinitive + all six conjugated forms) and/or not be the person left without a spoon in this fun game of Cucharas! Great way to reinforce present tense endings in an engaging and lively way!

The Spanish Vowels - intro to diptongos and hiatos (learn how to speak Spanish online fast - name of youtube creator)

Gender rules and definite articles in Spanish.

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This is a unique, web based activity that you can use in the classroom and your students can access from home as a study guide. There's no better way to practice ser and estar than in the context of a conversation. The guide will be Maria, a Colombian student welcoming you and your students to her country.

Spanish Lesson - How Much Does It Cost? (Review)

Comercial para aprender los colores

Shopping video - native speakers for spanish students.. ir de compras con amigos. :)

This is a GREAT and FUN game that involves the WHOLE class. The theme of the game is classroom objects such as: pencils, eraser, paper, notebook.....

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Me encanta escribir en español: La ropa y las estaciones del año: ¿Qué me pongo?

LOVE this brilliant idea for clothing!!!

"La mochila" song...introduces school supplies vocabulary and articles. Interesante vídeo para aprender vocabulario básico de materiales para la escuela.

A fun French song to get students moving while learning in the classroom! Review verbs and body parts.