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    So beautiful girl! I want those abs. Must follow this workout, that's for sure.

    To prove to myself that this dream can become a reality

    Reasons to be Fit

    Reasons to be fit on tumblr: #0369 - to stop wishing for it and just do it.

    reasons to be fit


    #0059, I better not be able to!

    I weigh 127lb, I can now squat 185 :) pretty proud to say that after dealing with knee surgery for a year now I've come pretty far!

    this is a good thing to remember

    A lot of good reasons to lose weight - why not go with those who have done it?

    Reason to lose weight: To no longer feel like the fat friend.


    My goal.

    dayuummmm! haha

    Be an example for my family! ♥ that reason!

    reasons to be fit

    Hahahahaha best motivational quote ever. EVER.

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