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I want a Corgi

Lyra is an adoptable Welsh Corgi Dog in Spring, TX. Lyra is a old beautiful Welsh Corgi. She is a wonderful little girl with a fantastic personality. Lyra is housebroken. Enjoys walks, which she.

Christmas horses so pretty

Enjoy the Lungau holiday region in winter on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. This is where I learned to ski in Austria, can't wait to do this in Jackson!

Cat Coat ¤ Lovely Cats

Hairless cat wearing a yellow sweater? Most random thing of the day!

Siberian Husky Puppies. For more cute puppies, check out our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH7efODYtEdnWfAm1eS4NMA

He's so cute & fluffy - I want one! Pomsky puppies are a mix of the larger Husky dog breed and the smaller, fluffy Pomeranian.

In case you forgot how big wolves are- also how freaking beautiful

Hybrid Wold Hybrid: A wolfdog (also called a wolf–dog hybrid or wolf hybrid) is a canid hybrid resulting from the mating of a gray wolf (various Canis lupus subspecies) and a dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The term “wolfdog” is preferred by most of the

Sure, you can give your dog healthy food... but wait, not so fast! Here are 10 fruits and vegetables that are TOXIC to dogs!

10 Veggies & Fruits That Are Harmful to Dogs

Sure, you can give your dog healthy food. but wait, not so fast! Here are 10 fruits and vegetables that are TOXIC to dogs! Always check with your vet before feeding your pup anything new!

Amazingly beautiful snails! !

Beautiful Purple Snail – When nature and creatures create a colorful display. I never thought I'd think a snail was pretty!

High of Brooklyn. Largest horse in the 1930's. Was 19.2 hands and 3,200 pounds. He was 10 feet two inches around. It took 30 inches of iron per hoof to shoe him.

Brookie, the largest horse ever recorded was a Belgian Draft named Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed lbs and stood at hands. He wore a collar and boasted a girth measurement of 10 feet, 2 inches around. It took 30 inches of iron for each of his horseshoes.


Breaking the cuteness scale, is this English Bull Terrier Pup! ~ What is it about these little guys? They're kind of funny looking, but, also just so darned cute!

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Dapper Corgi - they are literally the happiest dogs. My absolute favorite breed


Just Dog Stuff. lol so cute, poor baby passed out on the way to the beach.