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TOP-TEN ARCHAEOLOGY DISCOVERIES CONFIRMING THE BIBLE Lesson 2 of 10: House of David Inscription For years liberals claimed that the David in the Bible did not exist because of the lack of archeological evidence. Then, in 1993, all that changed when Israeli archaeologist, Avraham Biran discovered Tel Dan Stele (a stele is an inscribed stone)…. To read more go to

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A grisly end: 800-year-old remains of witch discovered in Italian graveyard… with seven nails driven through her jaw

A Grisly End : 800-year-old remains of a witch discovered in Italian graveyard...with seven nails driven through her jaw.

Gladiator Graveyard, Ephesus, Turkey The Gladiator Graveyard site is located in Ephesus, Turkey and containes the mixed remains of about 67 individuals, all of whom where under the age of 30. The gladiators who fought here were the professional athletes of ancient Roman times and they would battle each other, wild animals, or even condemned criminals for the amusement of the masses.