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In The Clouds


Cloud Formation Over the Bering Sea by earthobservatory.nasa: Parallel cylinders of spinning air develop from air blowing over ice and then warmer ocean.

Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria, Germany

Ribbon Lightning by Przemyslaw Wielicki/National: During thunderstorms with multiple strikes, cross winds blow successive strikes laterally causing a ribbon-like effect. via wikipedia http://tinyurl.com/lmsmb #Photography #Przemyslaw_Wielicki #Lighting #Weather

twisted tree trunk in the fall landscape

milky way

Castelejo Beach, Portugal

Pleneau Bay

Tornado, Parker, Colorado. When I lived in Tornado Alley, I wanted to be a storm chaser when I grew up. Then I realized I wanted to live and make money more than feed my inner science nerd and adrenaline junkie.


Northern lights starry sky night zodiac winter photo by bomobob, $30.00


Whimsical travel photo godzilla hollywood star by Raceytay on Etsy, $15.00

The Crooked Forest in Poland

Brussels, Belgium-Amazing

THATCHED ROOF COTTAGE Ireland Photo Fine Art by WhoIsCharley, $24.00

Tree Hotel