Creative Treats / Snacks for Kids

Kids will stare wide-eyed as they watch clear water or soda transform into a vibrant color? must be magic! What you?ll need: Plastic party cups, food coloring, ice, and any clear drink (I used Sprite, Fresca and Ginger Ale). Place 2 to 3 drops of food coloring at the bottom of each party cup and let dry. Just before serving the drinks, fill each cup with ice to hide the food coloring. While each child watches, pour the drink over the ice, and the clear water or soda will ?magical...

Tape Ball with candy game

Zipzicles! Make your own portable popsicles. How fun.

Recipes, grocery lists and tips on the basics of healthy eating at college

chocolate covered pretzel pencils

Fruit trains for a kids snack

Fun snacks!

Cereal Cupcakes - cute idea for kids birthday parties

Birthday Pre-School Snack // Where the Piggy Toes Go

Creative Kids Activities & Snacks

Pirate bananas - what kid wouldn't want to find this in their lunch box?

Making these for the kids end of the year party! it is such a cute healthy class snack idea.

Holiday pretzel wreath

Ladybug pretzels

Such a cute snack idea!

michele hodge, I thought this would be cute for Zane's and Zoey's games...Fun sport themed fruit cups for team snacks or end of season party.

After school snacks