Ipad slide wall mount. I want this!

Fruit slide, Better then a bowl sitting on the counter! This way you can tell which is the oldest!

Tell it your shopping list throughout the week, it prints you a copy before you hit the store.

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something like this that will hide away when not in use for ipad for using recipes, etc in kitchen

So need this in my life!

WellnessMat for kitchen

Space-Saver Spice Carousel With Built In Measurements <3 {You can stack them or mount under a cabinet}

Kitchen Tablet Holder ~ Made from an old cutting board, a scrabble tile, and a wedge

Biometric keyless locks let you unlock or lock your entry door with just a quick scan of your fingerprint.

I have no words...is this not stunning or what? The light in this kitchen is glorious. I would never leave.

Retro TV iPad stand? Yes, please.

I seriously want this in my new kitchen! Organize Your Pantry: DIY Lazy Susan Pantry: This would be great for a small kitchen with limited storage space.

Perfect slice melon cutter!

Christmas Present!! $11.99 Scrap Trap Bin & Scraper - attaches to any drawer, use it while you are cooking to slide any peelings, shells, etc. Neat!

cool kitchen gadgets

iPad under-cabinet mount

would make cooking so much neater. Now where can I find one?

Awesome idea!

Silicone Kitchen Bags ... much more environmentally conscious than using Ziplocks ...

Cookie sheet and muffin pan storage drawer