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from VICE

Sociopaths Are Charming, Manipulative, and Fantastic in Bed

I am not stupid, nor am I a ho, nor am I a liar. Look at yourself. All because of a man who treats you like absolute shit and makes a fool out of you? I don't get it. What exactly is it that you're looking for from me? If you're happy then why do you keep engaging me?! Why do you keep blaming me for HIS cheating? I'm the one who ended it. I have my own life. Without him. Like wtf.

*drumroll* It's the most amazing thing, you know? This morning my sister showed me that thing called The Rules of the Modern Gentleman - always trying to turn me into one, haha- I was scrolling thru it & boum! I saw this. My heart skipped a beat, honest to God. THATS WHAT HE GIVES YOU. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! =D

I never knew a person could be home but its true. The feeling of being curled up in your arms with our fingers intertwined and the soft feel of your breath on my neck can never be put into words. I can, however, tell you that it is where I belong and it is in those arms that I feel at home.