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for the last time

The Damned Lovely by Jack Webb. Cover art by Robert Maguire, 1955 (via)


Funny pictures about First world problems. Oh, and cool pics about First world problems. Also, First world problems photos.

Dump A Day Random Funny Pictures - 60 Pics

teacher: Only one notecard should do. every other normal student: she expects us to use the whole notecard? me: *notecard filled with font and filled front and back with all the info* ready for the quiz

Only CERTAIN guys can get away with the latter.  It takes a lot of awesome to get a universal pass with the ladies.  And the girls all know who those particular guys are.....

No Need For Fancy Words

I'd seriously pick Thor's compliment over That Random Person On The Top. I love Thor!

Completely true... And happening now :(

I can testify as a person who has a cold right now. My right nostril is like the top picture, and my left, the bottom.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes Facts Vintage Look Reproduction Sign 8 x 12 8120171

Lucky Strike Cigarettes Facts Vintage Look Reproduction Sign 8 x 12 8120171

'Lucky Strike Cigarettes - Face The Facts!' - Glossy Print Taken From A Wonderful Vintage Product Ad

24 Best Robert Downey Jr Memes

"That face you make when the person you hate is talking". or the face you make when you don't hate them but they are telling you the same thing again and again.

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I know my kids are laughing; one four letter word I don't have trouble with - maid. (Of course I think that's why I have trouble with the other four letter words.