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Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had. -Thom Jones

You are getting sleepy. You are getting very sleepy. when you wake up you won't remember I took your BMW for a drive. You will not remember anything after I snap my fingers. Oh, crap. I don't have any fingers......I'm getting out of here..

In honor and remembrance of Ilean who we lost in 2014. We miss you sweet pea. Of Patches lost in 2013 Grey Pudd in 2012 BlackPudd in 2011. How lucky we were to spend wondrous and loving years with each of them.... But losing your beloved furry family cuts very deep. Momma loved you all

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Designed just for dogs, this water bottle keeps your canine companion well hydrated on the go. With just a squeeze of the bottle, the attached dish fills with water at an inviting height for dogs to drink. The adjustable velcro strap lets you attach the bottle to a backpack, belt, or wrist. Fits any standard car cup holder! Perfect for those dog lovers who are always on the go.