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I can embarrass myself just fine on my own.

bromance... love them! :) My problem is, I'm not sure who I love more - Shawn or Gus

How insecure do yo think I am? Seriously, how insecure do you think I am? I need you to tell me. Will you please tell me? Shawn and Gus #Psych

Names Shawn has for Gus: Die Harder, Matt, Bighead Burton, Fingers, Homeskillet, Big Baby Burton, Burt the Billowy Bear, Curtis, Blackstar, Chocolate Columbo, Magic Head, Spellmaster, SuperSmeller or SuperSniffer, Slicks, Peter Panic, Gus T.T. Showbiz (The Extra T is for Extra Talent), Ovaltine Jenkins, Schoonie “U-Turn” Singleton, Vernest Lambert Watkins, Bud (from “The Cosby Show”), Nick Nack, Bruton Gaster, Lavender Gooms, Lemongrass Gogulope, Squirts MacIntosh, Weepy Boy Santos, Stewart…

Mr. Yin Presents.. Oh, Mary! Have to say that I love his name, though lol