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What Settings Should I Use?

I recently added a feature to this blog where you can click on a photo and see the settings I used to shoot that photo. I’m thrilled to be able to easily share this information, but I also wanted to let you guys in on two very important secrets. 1. I don’t always use the …

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Chicago, Illinois... used to fly out of O'Hare to England when I lived in Indy for a couple years

Navy Pier AngieMcMonigalPhotography-7490 by Angie McMonigal, via Flickr

A sign you're in Chicago? Central Camera Company, Chicago's oldest camera store, est. 1899 (Chicago Pin of the Day, 9/17/2014).

Horizons - Chicago, my Kind of Town Where my baby is from !! Been here :) CHECK that one off !

Chicago and the iconic Stone Container Building on an autumn day.

Wrigley Building and the Chicago River. My kind of town. :)

Lake Shore Drive ~ Chicago in the Morning by jnhPhoto on Flickr*

Chicago. Carbide and Carbon spire // by ~spudart Artist's Statement: Here's a classic spire from 1929 and in the background is a modern spire from 1990. The classic spire on the Carbide & Carbon building is said to be based on a gold-foiled champagne bottle seen at an office party. Faded in the background thanks to some Chicago fog is a modern spire that sits atop the Two Prudential Plaza. I shot this photo on the 39th floor of Hotel 71

"L" platform in Wicker Park looking towards downtown (Chicago Pin of the Day, 12/13/2014).

The Bean in the snow, Chicago, IL