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before i die- When artist Chang was grappling with the loss of a loved one, she turned to art for comfort. The Taiwanese American artist wrote the words "Before I die I want to _____" on an abandoned building in her neighborhood, allowing passersby to express their thoughts and dreams anonymously. Today over 450 "Before I Die" walls live in over 60 countries, written in over 30 languages. The stunning mutual bucket list serves as a reminder of what's really important in life.

9 Public Art Projects That Brought Beauty And Design To The Streets

The “Before I Die” project set up walls where people are encouraged to write down their life goals. Candy Chang is the founder of the “Before I Die” project

In Thailand there is a place that you can swim with elephants! Bucket list! GOING THERE FOR SURE!! A MUST!

The new addition to my Bucket List…

The new addition to my Bucket List…I have ridden an elephant in Thailand. But I have not swam with an elephant in Thailand.

I want to do everything on here except for dye my hair red.   I also don't want to find love yet either. It seems like too much drama and I have an IPhone already

before I die ♥ minus the dye my hair red and partying in Las vegas

Oh my. LOL  blossom-bubbles-buttercup:    findingmylove:    A MUST DO    omg the last one »»»

I would totally do some of this stuff! i'm doing he concert thing with One Direction

This pretty much describes what we do.  So many fun memories of the kids, dogs, my mom, and various neighbor kids traveling the US in the summer.

Bucket Lists:"Buy and old bus, replace the seats with beds and road trip the states with good people." This may be the most unlikely dream on my list, but it sounds nice.

perfect bucket list, found on #polyvore. bucket list before i die #bucketlist #pictures

but i really want to have one on a beach! we have them all the time in the summer though because we have a fire pit in the back yard

Twice -Joy


Bucket List: Fall in love with my best friend. :) It's fun to check things off my list!

I may not do everything on here, but it'd be fun to check off all the things I DO want to do before I die :)

100 Things to do before I die "Bucket List" Live Your Life. Ya know, except the beard one. everything but beer and growing a beard lol