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For most people, inherited money comes with a host of conflicting emotions – surprise, grief, a sense of stewardship, excitement and guilt, among them. Depending on your situation, ideals, and the amount of the inheritance, you could consider the purchase of a bigger home, a vacation home, or gifting to a charity. Time and careful thought will better allow you to let your values drive your spending.

With the economy struggling and many Americans adjusting the way they spend, now is a great time to do some financial planning. But with so many things to consider, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Organizing your finances doesn’t have to be something you dread. Start with a to-do list and work through each step until you’re done

The creation and redemption process for ETF shares is almost the exact opposite of that of mutual fund shares. When investing in mutual funds, investors send cash to the fund company, which then uses that cash to purchase securities and in turn issue additional shares of the fund. When investors wish to redeem their mutual fund shares, the shares are returned to the mutual fund company in exchange for cash. The creation of an ETF, however, does not involve cash.

Clearly news must be important. One might think, given its abundance, that news is more important than money, or love, or family, or even food! It is a wonder scientist have not spent more time studying the phenomenon of news the way they have studied other resources which are essential to human survival.

It can be difficult, and maybe even impossible, for some traders to routinely put into use proper trading techniques in order to take advantage of the market over the long run. What is main culprit causing this struggle?

There is still money to be made in IPOs, but the focus has shifted from the quick buck to the long-term outlook.

You are the most important component of your investing success. If you can unemotionally approach the market and adhere to your trading guidelines, then you stand a much better chance of being successful than if you let your emotions take control.

Describing a trader’s journey is very similar to climbing up a large set of stairs; it takes time to get from the bottom to the top. A great deal of time and energy must be poured into learning how to trade. Often traders try to rush the process and, as a result, usually end up hurting their accounts.

Hedge funds grace the cover of mainstream media newspapers and magazines on an almost-daily basis. Almost everyone has read the news stories about the few hedge fund managers who have earned over $1 billion a year running their funds. With a little bit of capital it is relatively easy to start a hedge fund.

Diversification is a practice that reduces risk by allocating investments among various financial instruments and industries