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Weird and Wacky Furniture By Straight Line Designs

Cool Patio Furniture

Weird Furniture

Surreal Storage: Curved Cabinets, Dr. Seuss-Style Dressers & Bookcases | Like something straight out of a surrealist painting, story or film, thiese creative furniture collections are the work of craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman. His creations combine the functional needs of everyday use and uncanny, unusual and unique forms.

Very Dr. Seuss! This would be great in a kid's room. Once you got over the fear that it would topple over.

Dr. Seuss kids room?

Such cool furniture


So fun for a playroom or kids room!

How awesome is this? The Giant Birdsnest, now available in various sizes and wood finishes.

unique children furniture

whimsical furniture.. :)

Totally unique furniture!



Sullivan Clock

if only this furniture wouldnt make me feel like a HT obsessed teen