Conversation pit

Conversation Pit, from the 1960s. Repinned by Secret Design Studio, Melbourne.

conversation pit

=70's sunken living room, stellar

Living Room:Amazing Circular Conversation Pit Central Fireplace Ceramic Texture Stunning White Sofa Design With Cushion Interior Design Idea...

70’s Design couch.

Paul Rudolph's astounding Strutin residence | conversation pit / sunken living room

Urban Jungle bar cart.

ahhhh this looks so fun! 70s conversation pit

Sunken patio with fire pit

yummy 70's

1970's Architectural Digest Love the metal room divider & the brick!

This is proof to me that some styles just *aren't* for me. This retro 70's "groovy" home style is definitely not my style. This photo makes me want to grab a sponge and some bleach and start scrubbing the walls. We won't even talk about what I'd like to do to the carpets.

conversation pit with many friends.

This is one of the most awesome 70's rooms I've ever seen. I should be in there, eating shrimp paste and drinking sake.

70's decor

I want a sunken lounge in a sunken pool.

yellow- love the couch

70's retro graphics - orla kiely homeware