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Hands on addition with number line. This could be adapted for second grade by using base ten blocks in the circles and an open number line.

OA.1.3. Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction. Fantastic activity for students to determine which sign (addition or subtraction) to use.

Walk the Plank: practicing addition facts to 20- Both players line up cubes, roll dice and add, take the opponent's sum cube. First person to take all of the other player's cubes wins.

Today's Number (1. Write It, 2. Draw it, 3. Times Two, 4. Divide 2, 5. Add 57, 6. Subtract 5, 7. Next 3 even numbers, 8. Next 3 odd numbers)

Have students show different numbers using clothes hangers and clothespins. You can use 2 different color clothespins so that students see the relation to 5 or 10.