• E Kennedy

    On the Japanese Island of Kyushu, an outwardly healthy mother bathes her fetal-poisoned 16 year old daughter, crippled and blind since birth due to environmental industrial mercury poisoning in the local Minamata, Japan, water supply. This may be the first environmental pollution photojournalism. William Eugene Smith, who was beaten by goons hired by the offending chemical company, received the Robert Capa Gold Medal for “photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.”

  • scann R

    Tomoko in Her Bath, Mother and daughter with Minamata Disease, Japan. Copyright: Magnum Photos - from the blog: 7 Lessons W. Eugene Smith Has Taught Me About Street Photography

  • Marisa Ramirez

    Tomoko Uemura being bathed by her mother, taken by W. Eugene Smith for Life magazine in 1971. Tomoko suffered severe birth defects from industrial mercury poisoning in the fishing village of Minamata, Japan. Absolutely moving picture...

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Wow! Feet are so hard to do and this is absolutely amazing.

Soldiers knitting for the little ones. This is really the picture worth a thousand words.

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