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Tasteful Modern Vintage Boys’ Room {The Shabby Nest}

Variety is never bad. Applauding the striped painted walls. That is not an easy task. Been there, done that - and the next time I will hire assistance! But overall wonderful nautical/hunter feeling room.

DIY Crafts - Ideas and Photos for Home & Garden

Share photos of your home crafts, or find inspiration for DIY craft projects on Hometalk. Crafts on Hometalk are not just ideas for crafts, but are real projects by…

Reclaimed Lumber Display Shelves (Made upon Order - Free Shipping Special)

Reclaimed wood from pallets...I know where I could get my hands on a few of those. Good project for the boy during the slow winter months.


Isn't it great when a project you've been planning to do forever finally gets done? That was this planked wall for me! It all started...

30 Makeup Mistakes You Are Probably Making

I know there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve looked back over your Facebook photos and cringed at the sight of your own face. I know this because I’ve done it. Many times. What was I thinking going out in that turbo-tan foundation/face full of makeup/blush that took over my

Mud Room Update

Mud Room Update — Vintage Refined This is a cool idea. I may have to copy this but I would like it outside maybe on the grilling deck. It would help keep the mud outside.

Mud Room Update

We've been making some major progress with the Mud Room lately. I'd like to call it 95% complete. But I guess I never can consider a room fully done considering I live my life in a constant state of re-decorating our home. I have a couple creative ideas I want to do with wall decor in this room, and there are a couple cosmetic issues I want to fix, but we're getting there! As for the full Mud Room reveal, that's a different story. The thought of having the entire Mud Room clean and…