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"When people ask me 'How did you get so creative?' I tell them 'Because I ate paste as a child" #craft #humor

He's too cheap to buy a tree stand! This ones for you Jay

Surprisingly mine is the other way around. I get pushed off..

Yes! This is so me. I do so well under pressure sometimes I surprise myself.

My quiet, sunny demeanor makes you think I'm a pushover, but really it's just a distraction while I size up your weaknesses for the perfect way to take your dumb ass down.

The big bucks intuitively know where to spend their time.

If this isn't photoshopped... Then Good Lord that is one of the THE best racks I've seen!

To give up that big of a deer is true love..

Hunters Prayer Hunting Deer Bear Cabin Rustic by 3CsGiftCreations, $34.99 I need to buy this for Nick! He would love it!

Ikea Raskog kitchen trolley - going to try and get one for my new house as a bathroom trolley (although £50 seems a bit steep)

It's funny until you realize that you actually need that sign because someone over 250 lbs. jumped on the table while a baby was being changed, causing the thing to crash and probably send the baby flying... :/