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Star Wars: Identities “Rather than offer an explanation of each, we are leaving it to our readers to decipher the meaning inherent in the portraits. Given the exhibit’s theme of identity, or ‘the forces that shape us,’ the illustrations draw inspiration from each character’s individuality — what it is that makes them unique or the things and events that shaped them along the way.”

Star Wars Series Created by Stephanie d’Entremont #starwars #fanart

Rancor finishing touches - behind the scenes on Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Dia de los Robots starring c3po and r2d2. @Gabrielle Wiegand another way to get him into the basement?

Star Wars - Darth Vader

Do I pin this to Star Wars or GOT board? hmmm BOTH.

It just so happens that I DO Cary a lightsaber (occasionally). :-)

Be a true fan and get paid to blog about Star Wars! www.icmarketingfu...

Here's the original comment: I can't believe that men fall for this stuff....ever see a new car commercial with a blond laying all over it? LOL! Men.... What I read the first time: " .... blond laying all over it ..."