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Limited Run - Original Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Poster 20" x 36". 55.00, by trythemonkey via Etsy.

On of the best movies of my childhood…

Ender's Game: Coming 11/13! And Ender's Game Alive, a 6 hour radio dramatization (audiobook) by OSC with the same premise as the novel but consisting of entirely new material with the plot emerging from multiple points of view. #Film #Audio_Book #Enders_Game #Orson_Scott_Card

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade advance movie poster

Singin' in the Rain -- I love this movie so much!

I watch this movie every Spring. Always thought it would be fun to be a storm chaser.

Ever After. Every girls favourite movie.

As much as I LOVED and still do love this, Sandy changed to get her man, I'm just saying.

I still like Toby Maguire best as Spiderman

One of the movies I HAVE to see every christmas