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Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons

boston green logo inspiration // Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons, for the National Parks by National Geographic app, an inter­ac­tive guide to the U.‘s national parks. You collect the stamp when you visit kinda cool in a geeky tourist way.

Pepsi & CocaCola logo designs through years

Coca Cola vs Pepsi in Branding. Coca Cola never had to change THEIR logo

National Park Stamp Icons | Designer; Valerie Jar

Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons- Been there, still have a piece of it in my elbow.


I love the stamp aesthetic. There& great contrast between the font sizes and nice juxtaposition of serif and sans serif fonts.

State list of National Parks

US National Park Annual Pass - Is It Worth It?

US National Parks turn 100 years old! Explore the system that started a global chain of parks, conservation, and recreation with this state-by-state list.