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The main difference between boys' bodies and girls' bodies according to a five year old. Haha!!


The greatest daughter in the world…

"Mama, wie fühlt sich das an, die tollste Tochter der Welt zu haben? Ich weiß nicht Schatz, da musst du Oma fragen!" So lustig!


I'm in love with my bed.

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In just four years…

Ain't that the truth. it only takes a few weeks before the freshmen realize how unfun nursing school is


How logos have changed…

Out of their logo college years

from FSPDT

DIY Sand and Rock Box

How to make a sand and rock box for your kids play trucks. They will love this!


I’ll never do this again, ever…

I'm sorry little kid! hahaha


So call me maybe!

This is precisely what I do.