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WOW! Of course I had the yellow sony walkman, but I had a couple of the other things on here as well!

Oh my gosh ... I wasted so many hours of my elementary school life playing these video games.

Any of these drinks in your fridge: | 35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood: Every single thing on this list...sorry for my lack of coherency, I just came back from a quick trip to the 90s.

Let’s face it, nothing beats the ‘90s! And just because you were born a decade or so ago, doesn't mean you embraced all of its perks. Here's a list of what you absolutely must remember to consider yourself a '90s kid.

Still got some, I case they ever come back... Lol! 25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

CK One . . . used to wear this stuff every day. So did my brothers, LOL.

Yikes! Pencils your parents won't swipe!