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Caracal Cat found in South Africa and India.

The caracal, unique cat with tall tufted ears. 20 different muscles in those ears help it find its prey while the sensitive tufts of fur further help to pinpoint its prey. The Caracal is able to snatch a bird in flight, sometimes more than one at a time.

Harlow y Sage, dos buenos amigos.

Harlow and sage are best friends! So this is the cutest thing EVER! After Edna I want a big dog!

~~Young Caracal by Skyler Hughes~~

Young Caracal by Skyler Hughes Big Cat Diaries Animals Wildlife Photography

earthcats:  Caracal Drink by Sebastien Campion

Caracals can survive without drinking for a long period—their water demand is satisfied with the body fluids of prey. Caracal drinking (by Sebastien Campion)

Baby chetah

Parrot at South Lakes Wild Animal Park Albert, San Diego Wild Animal Park. Kiburi, a new cheetah cub, was born at the San Diego Wild Animal .

Nas nenne ich integration, und somit taufe ich das Camel auf den Namen "Bushido"

A goat on a camel, and 11 other funny photos of animals on top of miscellaneous things!