Sweet Valley Twins

Sweet Valley!!! Again, I loved it so much it is worth a 2nd pin. And this is such a great montage of so many book covers that I remember!

Bread and Jam For Frances LOVE this book

Sweet Valley Twins - I had this entire series

yesssss nancy drew!

Read Goosebumps , The Babysitters Club , Sweet Valley Twins , or Choose Your Own Adventure on the way to school. | The Typical Day Of A Kid In The Early '90s

Sweet Valley High

IT’S BOOK FAIR DAY! | Can You Make It Through This Post Without Wanting To Be In 5th Grade Again?

Are you there God? It's me, Margaret, by Judy Blume. A favourite of mine and my daughter's.

Paint with Water coloring books :)

Sweet Valley High

scratch n sniff, this just transported me straight back to elementary school!

Lisa Frank! 90's

Little Critter books!

Saturday mornings weren't complete without Saved By The Bell! #TV #1980s

Sweet Valley Twins

"when you hear tinker bell's chimes, turn the page" I loved these!

Sweet Valley High......yep, read 'em all!

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

loved these books

Village Lip Lickers in the little metal tin. Loved peach and strawberry in the 80s.