standing in formation...holding his son. Toughness that nobody knows who has not done it ... just tough! God Bless the US Military Personnel! Heroes and Heroines!

“Before I went into the military I knew everyone, and everyone knew me.. Before I left everyone I knew, and everyone I didn’t know said I was too handsome, too young. I wasn’t going to let that stop me.. I joined for my family.. for my friends..for the people I know.. and for the people I don’t.. Now, no one wants to see me.. no one wants to look at me.. and know one wants to know me..”


Visiting Daddy...

Mohammad Gulab ~ just call him Hero. When Operation Redwing went bad in Afghanistan three Seals lost their lives. But one, Marcus Luttrell, survived. Blown off a ridge, alone, injured,and thought to be dead Luttrell was taken in by Gulab and protected. He defiantly refused to hand over Luttrell to the Taliban even as they burned down his home and threatened the lives of his family and village members. Gulab trekked to an American military post and brought help for Luttrell, saving his life. ...

God bless our warriors for their sacrifice!

Should be shown to anyone, ever who refuses to stand for the Pledge.

Daddy's of the sweetest pics I've ever seen!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤


Welcome home, Daddy!!!!

"Love you, Daddy!"

Homecoming. They obviously couldn't wait. I love the way the other soldiers in the formation can't suppress their grins!

True patriots....I'm so ready to fight obama, so our Military can go and do their job and radicate ISIS, and obama's assinine minion idiots...AMERICA, we need to stand up to obama and make him wanna turn tail and run!!!!!

Daddy's Home...

If you can't stand behind a soldier, most certainly stand in front of them.

22 Life-Affirming Photos Of Troops returning from deployment. Crying.


May God Bless our heroes and their love ones.

Little sailor.

too sweet.