Mystic Warrior, born 2006, Friesian and Appy cross. Love the markings! - For more visit

. Baltyk Sea Katarzyna Okrzesik Palomino Arabian youngsters Waiting for spring Arabian stallion Appaloosa Fairytale Unicorn Autumn pony Exmoor Pony Foals from Dartmoor National Park

One day, we will have our dream house in the country horses and all...

gypsy vanner horses | Gorgeous horse running! What can be more beautiful than watching ...

Cleveland Bay stallion Cholderton Issus

When a rider gazes into a horses eyes they find a part of themselves thought to never be found-anon

'Freedom in the desert' - A beautiful horse running through the desert at sunset by Jenny Woodward

One day imma have my self a freashain and my horse will probably think I abandoned her

This is one of the most beautiful Appaloosa horses I have ever seen!

bailey Tyylin's adopted Horses adopted him when she was 30. She goes and visits him every chance she gets

.... I'm speechless

NAME: Citationn AGE: Around 13 ABOUT: Citationn wants to be leader no matter what he has to do he wants that reward of the front of the herd Citationn is a horse you don't want to mess with >_<


Mystic-a brown mare~She is strong and kind~Is very pretty and is quiet~young and beautiful~Brave~can be Serious~Has a small crush on the lead stallion.

Beautiful colour on this young Horse - wants a little baby horse again. @mozz89 @mars10

Love the white spot on forehead is one of my favorite horse

American Indians would pay any price for a horse with a stain on his chest like this. They called it a shield & thought it would protect the horse from enemy fire.

~` beautiful Andalusian horse `~

Beautiful mane.. Norwegian Fjord horse.Usually their manes are cropped so the dark hairs form a straight line that continues down their backs to their tails,but this looks really pretty,all grown out

Read up on the Equitarian Initiative!!! It's like Doctors Without Borders for horses, mules, and donkeys

Jaw dropping gorgeous!