They are listening. 19 things we need to say to our children over and over and over.

Some days are worse than others. Mama said there'd be days like this. Cranky Kid? Try a Foot Rub! Reflexology for All

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

101 Things to do with your sons

6 Ways to Help Children Cope with Frustration Encourage expression of emotions: Create Balance: Break it down: Take Breaks: Rely on humor: Play board games:

tips for talking to kids

Dealing with Anger as a Parent... How to get through the days when the kids are a nightmare!

25 things i want my little boy to know...

I love this! These are such great reminders of things we should be doing as mothers every day. :)

40 Ways To Be Present in Your Child's Day - The Better Mom - Your child needs your presence more than presents.

10 tips to protect your children from being sexually abused: great tips and ideas for engaging children in this topic at their level. as an advocate for children these are things that I appreciate reading about so I can be more informed.

Adding this on my 'must-do' list.

The Interrupt Rule - A simple tool to teach your children how to respectfully interrupt their elders. This rule allows the adult to wait for a natural break in their conversation before addressing the needs of a child. It completely changed the dynamic of our home.

Five Ways to Draw Your Little One Closer to God

10 Compliments Kids Need to Hear. Really good list for all ages.

19 Tips on Rearing Children for God 2. Make sure your children hear you pray, and in your prayer let them hear you calling their name to God. Teach your children how to pray. 11. Make sure your children hear you express gratitude to God for His blessing in your life and family.

Calm Down Jar - A creative approach to time-out. Child first shakes the jar to get their frustrations out, then they're asked to wait until the glitter has all settled on the bottom. That's when time-out is over.

30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids. This really is one of the best things I've found on Pinterest. Such an amazing list of things to do for/with your children to show them what wonderful little people they are!