this is kind of amazing!

Is this seriously possible? LOL. Still kinda wanna try it. Haha 995146_513772772029299_1781864814_n.png 712×720 pixels

Reuse old sweaters to make mittens

This woman is amazing. She takes thrift store items and makes them AMAZING!!!! I just spent like an hour in amazement!! Lol! I'm so inspired!!!

DIY Wrap Skirt.

Inflatable car bed. About TIME someone invented this.

The Sunbathing Companion - this is amazing - I am SO making this!

This looks so incredibly comfy. I want one so bad, and I would buy it if it weren't so expensive...

Got an oversized man’s shirt lying around? Turn it into a skirt. | 41 Awesomely Easy No-Sew DIY Clothing Hacks

1. grab some cotton t-shirts you don’t wear anymore. larger sizes tend to work better as do non-ribbed shirts with no side seams. small logos on the shirts work fine, too. 2. grab a pair of fabric scissors if you have them, otherwise any scissors will do. 3. lay the shirt out on a flat table in front of you. 4. cut the hem off the bottom and put it aside. 5. cut the shirt into 1-1 1/2 ” horizontal strips all the way up to the armpit. 6. grab 3-4 shirt strips in both ...

6 ways to wear a classic regular triangle bikini top. mind blown.

wrap skirt

And here’s how you turn pants into shorts.

mens shirt into womens dolman tee....this website has some AMAZING refashions!

wear your long sleeve top in summer as a skirt by tying sleeves into a bow- but, would it stretch out your top??

Folding money

T-shirt restyling

Amazing DIY Instant Dress