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  • Lorajane Wall

    This is so sweet I wish some one would do that for me I mean the pizza was a great idea and the cheesy part was so funny

  • Simply Dreaming

    Is this too cheesy? #funny #pick #up #line

  • Chloé Thomas

    "Will you be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy?" Hahahaha! Why do I find this so funny and cute?! Geez! Pizza is eternal <3

  • Heather Beres

    This man is too cheesy. what girl wouldn't want to be his girlfriend

  • Jasmine Villa

    Pizza pick-up line...Can my future boyfriend please ask me out this way, or maybe something better?

  • Hannah Mathis

    Will you be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy?.. 2 things: love the way he asked..and she got a pizza!! haha

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