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I will be live tweeting the first Presidential Debate this evening beginning at 9:00pm EST through Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian's Twitter handle using the #election2012 hashtag.    Join with me @N_A_H_Blog.    Grace & Peace,

This TIME For Kids website has some great kid-focused resources for the upcoming presidential election.

As the elections draw closer we see an increase in political debates. Opinions are voiced, thoughts are shared, and people fall back on their American Freedom to cast their votes for what they believe will better the country. -Tyler M

2012 Election News, Videos, Opinion - HuffPost Politics

Get breaking news, videos and commentary on the 2012 presidential elections, the debates, the candidates and other big races across the United States.

Politicians, Political Campaigns + Social Media = What sites will they use? Possibly Pinterest?

Election 2012: Voters Expect Candidates to Be on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Social Campaign: The Growing Reach of Social Media’s Election Impact [Infographic]

Who’s Winning the Twitter and Facebook Presidential Election?   President Barack Obama’s Facebook and Twitter following leaves Republican presidential candidates in the dust.

Who's Winning the Twitter and Facebook Presidential Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Predicting the President based on and Utilizing Social Media

KIDS REACT TO ELECTION 2012...I want to be friends with ALL of them!!!

Video: Kids React to Presidential Campaign

google doodle dedicated to greek elections

New Zealand Elections 2011

THE MOBILE ELECTION Marketing Sociologist @phoenixrichard

How Are Apps Shaping the 2012 Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Engine Yard infographic about the mobile election.

Register to vote! Get your application here! DOWNLOAD A FORM, FILL IN AND MAIL - BY OCTOBER 9! College students away from home - can register at college and vote there, or request a mail ballot, or be in the county for early voting.

Texas Secretary of State - Voter information for upcoming Elections - Links to Candidate Information & political party websites

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasGum Election 2012 » STREET ART UTOPIA

Chewing Gum election- effective method to get good reactions

The Tampa Bay Times presents a graphic breakdown of numbers and factoids related to the 2012 election. Included are visualizations showing the million

By the Numbers: Election 2012 @ Pinfographics

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Election 2012 and Social Media in 20 infographics

Election Search and Media The Spooky Truth Obama Vs Romney Infographic

US Elections 2012 | The Economist

US Elections 2012

almost tie hide - gray with thin gray and white diagonal stripes

Indiana Gubernatorial Election 2012, Candidate List, Indiana Governor Elections 2012.

Potential good news for LGBT folks in the Hoosier state: Indianapolis city council passes proposal for same-sex couple benefits

Presidential Election 2012: Will Social Media Predict The Winner?

Presidential Election 2012: Will Social Media Predict The Winner?

How Social Media Helped Election Campaigns

How Pete Is Voting

How Pete Is Voting