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What to do with old trophies and awards? Genius Way to Keep Yet Purge ALL those Old Trophies, Awards, Etc. No one wants to toss them - but you do outgrow having them displayed - especially once you're married & have kids with their own trophies ;-) lol Salvation Army Frame, Left Over Fabric, Paint, Hot Glue, Staple Gun....and wow! - better than being in a box - and is definitely a WIN WIN!!

Laundry Room DIY — Cute to print & frame.

Look for color undertones and compare samples. This is not rocket science. You don’t have to freak out. I will show you what I mean.

How to clean an ice maker. After you’ve sufficiently grossed yourself out with grime and gunk, and you’ve finally learned how to clean an ice maker, stand back and give yourself a hand. Then promptly put it on your calendar to do this once a month so you’ll never be grossed out again.

Remove labels easily by adding a scoop of Oxiclean to a sink full of warm water and dumping them all in to soak. Walk away and in about 30 minutes all of the labels magically float off. Plus, Oxiclean is cheap and easy to find!

"How To Clean Glass Cookware" Get rid of those ugly Pyrex stains quick and easy cleaning.

Our fancy wrapping paper storage is a $1.50 plastic bag holder from IKEA.

7 Things you Should NEVER Buy at a Craft Store

Dollar bill to measure 6 inches from Thread Magazine – I NEVER knew this! This one will for sure come in handy!

Wash kids Legos in mesh bag – I am SO excited about this! I hate washing legos, but they get totally yucky dirty! This will make cleaning them super easy! Goes right along with my OCD!!

Oh, this is one of my favorite little projects ever. I was trying to come up with something that would appeal to almost anyone for a holiday gift idea…and who can’t use a journal or notebook? These little journals are very inexpensive from Michaels…with a coupon I think I ended up paying under $3.00 each:

A tutorial for hiding electronic cords that is just brilliant! TV cords make family rooms look so messy, but with a little DIY action, you can make your TV area one of the best in the whole house!

A pantry redo that puts every pantry thing in its place. Instead of looking like a tornado (like my kitchen), this kitchen pantry enhances the entire home!

The best thing to use is cream of tarter! Mixed with a little water and scrubbed off with a sponge, cream of tarter will make your toaster shine. Just like your morning!

I hate when my shower heads and sink faucets get that grimy look. Now that I know this trick, I’ll never let that happen again!

When you’re finished using your toilet brush, place it under the lid of the seat so that it can drip dry for a little bit. This is an easier and more sanitary way to make sure your toilet brush stays nice and clean.

Get that darn George Foreman grill clean once and for all. Place a damp paper towel in the grill and without heat just let it work. Just like magic, a clean grill. Easy Peasy.

Aldi is my favorite place to grocery shop and over the years I've learned a few of their secrets. In this post I talk all about the 13 top secret things about Aldi grocery stores - you will be shocked!

If you've ever seen a large apple selection you know these fruits vary so much in color and flavor. Which do you choose when you want apple pie, and which do you choose for fresh, raw salads? Check out these common apple types and the right ways to use them

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