There is something about the calligraphy here that I like. Can't explain it.



Label Project / BMD Design

Do Good Screenprint | Fifty Five Hi's $17.99 // I like this for either the home office or the office office.

The detail here is beyond amazing and beautiful. Wow. | Imaginarium by Anton Burmistrov via Behance


Ralph Waldo Emerson - Minimalist Illustration – Design Different

This example of typography is very effective as the artist has played with the letters of the world to form an image of this word, this allows people to explore the image in more detail and depth and creates a greater understanding of the image.

Starbucks - Home Brew by Jaymie McAmmond, via Behance

Make Your Presence Known

hand lettering in/on my sketchbooks by János Kőrös, via Behance

Great piece by Dana Tanamachi. The use of chalk goes with the quote perfectly.

yep . . . during the slow season #calligraphy #wedding


Poe by Monaux

Wild And Free

Hand Drawn Type (Designed by Drew Melton)

Pablo Picasso Typography design inspiration

The Gift of Love

words and alphabets