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  • Gladys Cordova

    Let your faith be bigger than your fear ~ This is so true Ive had to live by this quote this year And not let fear control me Faith has brought me thru alot this year Thank ya Jesus for watching over & blessing me Our God is an AWESOME GOD!

  • Krisklb

    If you have faith you can do anything u please to. This quote means that don't let your fears take over your life because having faith can replace your fears since its much stronger. Your mind is one of the strongest muscles on your body and it should inspire yourself to do anything u want.

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Matthew 19:25 Remind me of this over and over again...

The proverbial "leap of faith" is actually the size of a mustard seed. Keep going. And by the way, look at St. Augustine. Don't become disheartened that you made bad choices in the past; make the best choice you ever made by turning to the Lord-- watch as the Lord, through the Sacraments, reorients your life and puts a lot of broken pieces back together.

Fear is perhaps the greatest barrier to success! Fear can be a motivational factor if it is controlled and focused in the correct way. More often than not we allow our fear to paralyze us so that we cannot act. You are in control of your own emotions! Move forward in spite of fear. Don't allow it to freeze you and the great potential you have to design your future and better the world. - By: Christopher A. Pearsall, Motivational Writer

Romans 8:28 Again, "ALL THINGS". This should put our soul at ease. How many of us have asked ourselves during trials, "why is this happening to me?", Only to later realize the beauty in that very trial(s) that you endured. Perhaps it increased your faith or pointed you into a better direction. Though not all things we experience are pleasant, we are promised that God uses EVERYTHING for our benefit. Therefore, we must have faith that he WILL turn trials into opportunities for spiritual growth

As you start this Monday, please make sure you don't do this:

Faith in God includes Faith in His Timing ~ Neil A. Maxwell quote (photo only)

Would be perfect framed in our living room by where we keep the remote.

Keep an eternal perspective in all things. Never doubt, Have faith be strong. Love this talk :)