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April 26 - We lost you 6 years ago Terri and we all miss you so much. I'm comforted knowing your with my mommy and that you are together in heaven... I close my eyes and I see you big smile and it makes me smile. Love you so much.....

Stand Up and Fight, One More Time

I found a little tear drop, broken and alone. No one else would cry with her, or make her desperate known. Don’t you know I love you, but you push me to the side? Don’t you know I feel the pain of what you feel inside? Tear drop had a moment of reckoning and reap, all the years had passed on by without a joy to keep. Leap from the eye my tear drop so you can finally see a portrait grand in its design of deep blue sky and sea. I found my little tear drop rolling across the face. J.Freeman

Wise Old Owl.. This is cute. Every time I visit my grandma, her friend Toni tells me about the wise old owl.