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    • Tracy Hurley

      "Rook," © 2012 Jared von Hindman, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license:

    • JA H

      "Jared von Hindman drew this for the Prismatic Art collection. You can find the artist on Google+."

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    feat231b_arrowofjustice.jpg (620×400)

    Roguish warrior. Art by Horia Dociu. (Sexy without being objectifying!)

    Jill Strongarm, from Westward, an RPG using the openD6 rules. Drawn by Alexander Gustafson. Game written by Brett M. Pisinski. (Doesn't she look awesome? I want to be that cool.)

    Armored Barbarian. Solid. Awesome.

    Airship corsair. Art by Ben Wootten.

    This is a fantastic piece of art. By William O'Connor.

    Jared von Hindman drew this for the Prismatic Art collection. I love it because it's a different take on "girl paladin" and because I *really* want to know/write her story. You can find the artist on Google+.

    I could write a whole game about this picture. Artist is Cyril Rolando, AquaSixio on DeviantArt.

    Another angel I love. The halo is subtle, and the bare feet bring a deep melancholy sense. Art by Eric Deschamps, website: www.ericdeschamps...

    Creepy, amazing art, evocative scene. Art by Igor Kieryluk, website: www.igorkieryluk....

    This is a game waiting to be written. Art by Cyril Rolando, AquaSixio on DeviantArt.

    Elspeth Tirrel, another MtG Planeswalker. See again the practical armor. She's pretty, but she's no stick figure...I'm pretty sure she can actually HEFT that sword. Art by Volkan Baga.

    Awesome. This is Chandra, wearing full armor and on fire. I'm a little envious. Art by Steve Argyle (SteveArgyle on DeviantArt, and you're probably sick of me pinning him by now... ;) )

    She's fully dressed and she has freckles! (Seriously, this is what my imaginary self looks like I think. ;) ) Art by Steve Argyle.

    Okay, this one breaks all my usual rules for "liked" game art, but I dig that she's athletic looking, and her angel wings aren't sappy, fluffy white ones. Art by Terese Nielsen, webiste: teresenielsen.typ...

    I'm a sucker for an angel, and this one is amazing. (Steve Argyle does some good art!) (SteveArgyle on DeviantArt.)

    Evil witch who is not wearing a bikini or showing off her cleavage. (Also, see how the dress makes a spider? Because it's "Spidery Grasp.") Art by James Ryman, website: jamesryman.blogsp...

    Yeah. I love this piece. L5R rocks.

    Illustrated by Charles Urbach. Beautiful (and fully clothed).

    Created by Jenna Fowler (on G+ as that name) for Michael Garcia (also at G+). I love this for so many reasons...but the biggest one is that it has idealized body type while still being "realistic" enough not to yank me out of the fantasy.