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35 Animals Hanging Out With Miniature Versions Of Themselves - All your funny in one place.

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50 Amazing Photos From Cat Heaven Island In Japan

Photographer Fubirai has spent the last five years documenting the lives of the semi-wild cats that roam the island in Fukuoka, Japan. The cats are fed by local fishermen and wander freely through the streets, boatyards, porches, and houses of the city. Heaven.

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Community Post: 17 Cats So Pissed They're Not Kittens Anymore

extra shipping cat.

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Fennec Foxes, Fennec Fox Pictures, Fennec Fox Facts

For some reason, this Fennec fox reminds me of a marsupial or some sort of rodent... but don't take my words the wrong way. It's adorable. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay adorable.

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The 29 Greatest Moments In The History Of Bathtime

As Shakespheare once said: "Remember this well My sisters and brothers A showerhead to some is lifeline to others."