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Frank Lawlis, author of Mending the Broken Bond. Topic: Developing a loving relationship with your child in 90 days. Issues: Being the role model your child needs you to be; using empathy to resolve problems; learning when and how to forgive; channeling your child’s energy through diet, breathing exercises, and calming activities.

Adrianne Ahern, author of Snap out of It Now! Topic: Four steps to inner joy. Issues: Learning to understand—and overcome–the reasons people say yes to the wrong relationships, let anger lead them down the wrong path, fail at diets, and believe they aren’t good enough; making a quantum leap to a life of purpose, joy, and excellence.

Allan Beane, author of Protect Your Child from Bullying Topic: Advice to help recognize, prevent, and stop bullying before your child gets hurt. Issues: Tell-tale signs that your child is being victimized; understanding the characteristics that make a child an easy target; how to give your child a solid foundation for dealing with bullying situations; why not to teach a child to physically retaliate against a bully.

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No Mind Left Behind: Understanding and Fostering Executive Control--The Eight Essential Brain SkillsEvery Child Needs to Thrive by Adam J. Cox,

Claude Knobler, author of More Love (Less Panic). Topic: Lessons learned about life and parenting after adopting a child from Ethiopia. Issues: The difference between influence and control; why worrying doesn’t help; how less than perfect may be perfect enough; learning perspective from a piñata and mushy food.

Guest 3: Ron Fairchild, Executive Director of Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University. Topic: How to stop the summer brain drain. Issues: School stops for summer but learning never should; how to build better bodies and behavior; summer is the perfect time for you to discover what your child does and does not know. Listen:

Allison Pugh, author of Longing and Belonging. Topic: Parents, children, and consumer culture Issues: How parents decrease their own power in the home by putting their children’s needs first; how to handle kids’ consumer desires in a down economy; what really drives consumer desires.

Gary Small, author of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program. Topic: Keep your brain healthy for the rest of your life. Issues: How to improve virtually every type of memory task—from where you left the keys to never forgetting a name; brain teasers to cross-train the brain to sharpen your mind and promote brain efficiency; the importance of healthy nutrition.