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Georgian Mourning Necklace- mourning necklaces were commonly woven from or contained the deceased person's hair

Mourning Jewelry. although very morbid- i want one of these made for all my loved one when i'm gone

Victorian mourning pendant is made with 18k yellow gold, seed pearls, and a coiled lock of hair behind a glass panel.

Mourning hair brooches 1850's

Possible pre-mortem.....the girl in the middle could be ill or deceased. She looks like she's been crying & the way her sister is stroking her hair like this is goodbye.

A Victorian-era mourning-ring, again incorporating a lock of the deceased’s hair

Marie of Romania (Marie Alexandra Victoria, previously Princess Marie of Edinburgh; 29 October 1875–18 July 1938) was Queen consort of Romania from 1914 to 1927, as the wife of Ferdinand I of Romania.

I think this one is beautiful for the time period it captures and the tremendous clarity of the photo for the time. My guess is the family could afford one of the better photographers of the day, judging from the clothing of the mother and babe. Very touching.

1706 Boston, Hair, Gold, Crystal Locket.. The earliest jewelry made and owned in America was of a sentimental nature, related either to courtship and marriage or to death and mourning. Rings were often presented at funerals to relatives and close friends of the deceased. Human hair and symbols of death were sometimes incorporated into mourning jewelry.

Mourning jewelry - made with tightly wound human hair from the deceased

French cemetery scene with hair from Sophie Henry, deceased, age 21, (1881)   (collection of John Whitenight)