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He definitely has the tousled hair down and the Greek God-like body for Mr. 50 himself. Just a thought. Lol.

Julius Champion, Ty's best friend. He had three women, each constant, each committed, each had been in his life for years but that didn’t mean he wasn’t still recruiting.

Henry Cavill - oh my gosh... the level of attractive that he reaches is unfathomable.

No idea who he is... I usually hate light eyes on guys, but he actually makes it look good.

Johnny in The makeup, no costume....just Pure Depp

Captain Kirk, I mean, Chris Pine photo shoot

Tim Tebow...I have such a love / hate / lust relationship with Tebow. I predict the older he gets...he will just get more handsome.

Jude Law// he's just so damn pretty. And his nose (my weakness in a man) is perfection.

Channing Tatum. Ok so this instantly made me think of fifty shades and when she always talks about the way his sweat pants hang off his hips😍

63 reasons why bradley cooper definitely isn't the sexiest man alive

Yes, I am pinning this to recipes I want to try. Why? Because Om nom nom nom nom!