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This is the dog that Ben wants! Corgi Puppy!!! SO freaking cute!!#

fluffy corgi puppy is the cure for the mondays--SO cute. had no clue they were this cute as puppies.

I poop rainbow pellets.

a tiny beige-tan baby chihuahua (i think that's how you spell it) puppy with enormous puppy-dog eyes.

Ayari G.

Dogs look so cute and funny when they are sleeping. Look at this cute and funny dog. It says ‘don’t disturb me I’m tired.


Samoyed, a good hypoallergenic dog and they look like little polar bears! I want a polar bear dog!

The many faces of Felipe the Blue Frenchie #frenchbulldog

Bulldog – Calm Courageous and Friendly – Pup Home

The many faces of Felipe the Blue Frenchie Learn to know more about your dogs ailment symptoms go to www.

8787923462_8fcd0f8459_b | Awaiting surgery

Puppy wearing his PJS and ducky slippers. I'm not all for dogs wearing clothes. but this is too cute not to pin!

What an adorable little pooch! Doggie Love

Just Because He Is So Cute

Hot Dog Humor: Hot dogs on the menu are a concern for most wiener dogs.

Funny Meme and quotes Golden Retriever dogs and puppies for dog lovers, check out this hilarious funny Golden Retriever mugs and shirts for golden retriever owners..  Golden Retriever a popular dog breed http://HarrietsDogGifts.com for funny Golden Retriever gifts for dog owners.

If I had a puppy that looked like that I might just give him the other shoe.

This is so my dog

Baby, bulldog, bare bums and bath time. Photo by Ominous Clouds' Bruce

may have already pinned this... still cute

Funny pictures of the day pics) Let’s Just Skip The Bowl And Put The Food Directly In My Mouth

the most amazing picture of a dog with a mustache that you will ever see.

Look At This Dog

Is this real? It’s not real. It’s real. It’s not real. It’s real. No chance. Wait, IS THIS REAL? Give it to me straight….is this really a thing on this planet?

I'm allergic to negative people. Always leave them laughing.

A baby chihuahua wearing a pink and white knit sweater. So cute!

10 Interesting Facts about Chihuahua

Applehead Chihuahuas suffer from Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) leads to headaches, vomiting & vision loss. Instead Adopt an adult Chihuahua from your local pound or Chihuahua rescue group!

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