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The smell of Pine doesn't have to be reserved for the holidays! Benefit from Pine throughout the year.

Wiggly ADHD kids meet essential oils! The 2 best oils for ADHD: Vetiver & Attention Assist

We love Litsea essential oil! There are so many uses for it, such as helping with focus, fatigue, depression, and blood pressure (to name a few). Try it out!

Going on a road trip? Worried about sick tummies? Ginger Root, Peppermint, and Tummy Rub can help soothe stomachs.

Want to inspire creativity? Try these oils! You can buy them here: www.rockymountain...

Create your own bath, body, and home products using 100% natural, undiluted, theraputic Lemon Essential Oil.

Love using Lavender? Love science? Then you'll want to read our post about Lavender!

Orange essential oil not only has a sweet smell, but it is also a great oil for cleaning!

Lavender is a "must-have" essential oil for most people. In fact, Lavender has been used to help ailments for over 2,500 yrs. It was used by several civilizations, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Find out more about the history of lavender here!

Fun fact: Blue Tansy oil is blue in color, however, it's flowers are not. The oils is blue due to the azulene in it. If you have sore muscles or skin care issues, Blue Tansy is your oil!

Holy Basil oil is similar to Basil, but with more depth. It can be used for headaches, insect repellent, ulcers, etc. Includes recipes to try out!

Balsam of Peru oil has a strong vanilla scent that many people enjoy. It's great to use in soaps, and has been used to treat ringworm, stomach ulcers, and skin sores.

Copaiba balsam can help encourage relaxation, aid in gastric issues, help dogs with cancer, etc. Learn more and try out some recipes!

Artemesia annua Oil, Some Uses

Secrets of the Best Olive Oil

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Vitex Berry Oil, Some Uses THE #1 essential oil for balancing female hormones.

Bay Rum Oil, Some Uses